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Entertaining your co-workers: Ideas and Inspirations for a good party

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Some employees really enjoy spending time with their co-workers outside of company events. Many companies enjoy putting on a couple of annual events to show their appreciation for the hard work that their employees do for them all year long. Holiday parties, summer picnics, and retirement parties are a few of the occasions that employees are expected to participate in. These are the types of events that companies like to know that their efforts to show employee appreciation are validated.

In addition to full company events, there may also be times where employees need to entertain affiliate employees, vendors, members of management, clients, or important out of town guests. During these types of events, it’s critical for employees to be on their best behavior. Employee conduct at company events is a reflection on the organization and how it does business.

Gatherings should be special, without being inappropriate. Finding that balance can be difficult, if not impossible. It helps to have a guide for planning the most successful business events and entertainment.


Ideas and Inspiration for Successful Business Entertainment

Unlike other types of events, business events call for a few do’s and don’ts to keep business associates vested and happy. On the pages of this website, you’ll find lots of ideas for enjoyable ways to entertain top executives, company sponsors, and business affiliates that are successful and fool proof.

Treat your guests to a night of classical music at a performance of a symphony or lyric opera. Offer them a tour of the city’s history with all of its sights and sounds. Whether you are planning a small, elegant dinner party or a large company-wide event in a hotel ballroom, plan a dinner that is simple and elegant. Entertainment can be simple like a violin and a harp before dinner. Most people will be on their best behavior when they are dressed nicely and the atmosphere is brimming with elegance.

Company events such as holiday parties and summer picnics are much more informal, so have activities available for employees who bring their families. Face painting, live characters, and small rides are fun for everyone.

Business Don’ts for Entertaining

Regardless of whether the event is formal or informal, if you serve alcohol, limit the amount or duration. You want people to enjoy the party, but not overindulge in the abundance of free spirits. Have plenty of food on hand to compensate for those who drink and stop serving alcohol at least an hour before guests leave.

Be wise about choosing entertainment. You might think it’s awesome to have a belly dancer at the event, but if the boss is disgusted when she leans over motioning for him to eat grapes off of her belly, it won’t go over well. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to leave the dancers off the itinerary all together. The same goes for hiring comedians. Everyone loves a good joke, but it’s a good idea to avoid an act that has questionably offensive jokes or asks a VIP to join him on stage.

If you think these ideas offer some good advice for hosting or attending the company gathering, I invite you to explore what we have to offer even further. Really, take the time to scroll through the articles. You won’t want to have office regret the morning after.


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You might be the kind of person who gets excited at the thought of performing karaoke in front of a riled-up audience. Maybe you’d never go up on stage in front of spectators. Instead, you stand in front of your mirror in the privacy of your bedroom, belting out the tunes. Either way, there are plenty of ways to express yourself with karaoke these days. Especially if you see some videos like this one that was initiated by Conan

Karaoke Video Games

The first karaoke video game came out in 1987. It was called Karaoke Studio and worked with Nintendo Famicom. That seems like a dinosaur compared to the newer karaoke games that are available now. Karaoke Revolution is now available for PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. If your system connects to the internet, you can download additional songs for your game. Games like Karaoke Revolution allow you to test your singing skills, but they’re not just for entertaining your party guests. The games usually judge your singing ability. You get automatic feedback to improve your singing voice.

Online Karaoke Games


Karaoke is awesome!

You don’t have to own a video game system to play karaoke games at home or at a party. Many websites let you sing karaoke using your web browser. Some of these sites allow you to record your performance and share it on social media. You can challenge your buddies or ask them to rate your recording. You may need to create an account to access these online games. However, many of the games offer free registration and access to several songs.

Karaoke Mobile Apps

Sing karaoke wherever you travel with karaoke apps designed for mobile phones. Some of them require you to dock the phone on a singing machine that has a designated slot for a mobile device. Karaoke mobile apps typically play a music video. You just sing along. You can often record your voice and share your performance with other users. Many of these apps offer you a select number of songs for free. You can get access to more songs by paying for them or earning and then exchanging credits for them.

Karaoke In Cars

James Corden, the host of the Late Late Show, often shares performances with celebrities in his Carpool Karaoke segment.If you perform an internet search for “karaoke cab,” you’ll find a wide variety of taxi services that let riders do the same thing. You can also buy karaoke machines that work with your own car’s stereo system. Just plug in a CD and sing along using the attached microphone. This is a great way to kill time on a long road trip with the kids.

Although karaoke has been a staple in Japanese culture for decades, it is now popular all over the world. You don’t need a specialized karaoke box to entertain your friends or practice your singing skills anymore. Just log onto the internet, grab your mobile phone or buy a game for your gaming system or automobile. Karaoke lets you actively enjoy your musical entertainment instead of just sitting back and listening to it.

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